- Selling

If you have property you wish to sell, Peter’s Auctions can help you through the entire process;

  1. Evaluation & decision to sell

  2. Selling contract

  3. Commission & payment

The first step in the process is to arrange a meeting by calling or emailing us.

Depending on your location, you might have to bring your property directly to our gallery, where a specialist will meet with up with you, conduct an evaluation, and provide you with a preliminary auction estimate.

If visiting our offices is not practical, we are prepared to visit you. If you are living abroad, you can have a basic valuation done by mail/email. To obtain a mail evaluation, please send us a mail/email along with photos of your item/items. a response to your auction estimate request shouldn’t take longer than 2-3 working days.

  1. -Decision to sell

Based on the valuation's results, you and the Peter’s Auctions experts will decide whether your property is appropriate for sale at an auction. We will also recommend an appropriate venue and possible sale timing. If you decide to proceed, you will sign a contract, and Peter’s Auctions will take the property in for cataloguing and photography.

  1. -Seller's contract

The seller contract covers one important issue: the opening price.

  1. -Payment

Shortly after the sale, you will receive a listing of the final hammer price for each item you consigned. We will send payment within 35 days from the day of the sale provided we are in receipt of the buyer's payment.




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