1. - Registering to bid

Once you have established that you want to bid on an item you need to register with Peter’s Auctions.
Peter’s Auctions operates its sales using a paddle bidding system. If you wish to bid you must register before the sale, providing your name and address, and proof of identity and residence, for example your passport or driving license, together with your credit card. In exchange, you are given a paddle - a card printed with your personal number for the sale.

At the end of the sale, or when you have finished bidding, you will be asked to return your paddle to the Cashier's Office or registration desk.

  1. - Bidding

Once you have registered for a sale you are ready to bid. There are a number of ways you can bid for an item at an auction:

  Attending the sale

    You will be issued with a paddle when you register at a sale and you must show this to the auctioneer, by raising it, when you wish to bid on an lot. If you 

    are successful in your bidding the auctioneer will make a note of your paddle number and you can proceed to the cashier for payment. If you would like to  

    bid on further lots in the sale you can pay for all your items at the end of the sale. If you pay with cash you can take your items away immediately. If you     

    pay by credit card you will liable to a surcharge and you can take your items away immediately. If you pay by cheque you must wait until the cheque has

    cleared before you can pick up your items.

  Bidding over the telephone

    An alternative for higher value lots is making a telephone bid. This is particularly appropriate if you want to place your own bids on a specific lot even

    if you cannot attend the sale yourself. Telephone bids must be booked in advance. They are available on a first-come first-served basis and

    may be subject to a minimum lot value. You will also be asked to complete a bid form in the usual way, providing credit/debit card details,

    proof of identity and residence and your contact telephone and fax numbers.

    On the day of the sale, our representative will telephone you about ten lots before your lot comes under the hammer. When this happens, you will be talked  

    through the bidding and asked at each stage if you wish to continue - either until you are successful or until you choose to cease bidding.

  Leaving an absentee bid by telephone or fax

    We are prepared to undertake placing of absentee bids on your behalf. This means that, with your written permission, we act as your representative to  

    secure an item for you at the lowest possible price. You simply complete an bid form (which can also be obtained from the salesroom), giving your

    price limit for any specific lot. This should be the maximum hammer price that you are prepared to pay, remembering to take into account the additional

    buyer's premium and any applicable VAT. You will be required to provide your credit/debit card details, proof of identity and residence if you are

    registering for the sale.

    Alternatively, you may telephone your bid through to the salesroom Bids Office, but we must receive written confirmation from you - either by fax or post -

    at least 24 hours before the start of the auction. If we receive two bids of equal value, preference is given to the bid that arrives first.

On the day of the sale, please check whether your bid has been successful by contacting us an hour or so after the end of the sale. Otherwise, a successful bid is confirmed by invoice. You must ensure that Peter’s Auctions has cleared payment prior to you collecting your lot.

  1. - Registering over the internet

First you need to register with Peter’s Auctions by completing the bid form form then posting/emailing it back to us.

  1. -After the sale

    To find out if you have been successful in your bidding please look at the Auction Result that will be published after the sale.

  1. -Payment

The price you pay is the amount at which the auctioneer's hammer falls (the hammer price), plus a buyer's premium (a percentage of the final hammer price) and VAT where applicable. You are issued with an invoice made out to the name and address on your bid form, which may not be subsequently altered. The invoice breaks down these cost elements. Full details of charges and rates can be found in the 'Conditions of Sale' printed in each catalogue.

- Methods of Payment

Euro cash/cheque. Cheques to be drawn on a Cyprus bank and made payable to 'Peter’s Auctions'. If the payment is made by post, please enclose the tear-off slip from your invoice. Cheques drawn by third parties cannot be accepted.

  1. -Collections/Storage/ Delivery

If you have bid in person you can proceed to cashiers and pay and collect your item.
If you are unable to remove your item immediately you will need to arrange storage and shipping. You can either do this yourself or through us.

We are prepared to assist with delivery and will provide a quote to do so. We can arrange for your goods to be delivered to you, once we have received your written dispatch instructions and full payment, including shipping costs. For international deliveries an export license may be required.

For further information contact us by mail or by phone at +357 25384804.




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